Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Barcelona Weekend

I am so late posting this but things have been so busy! So first, I will talk about last weekend, November 21-23.

First of all, my parents came to visit me in Barcelona! They got here on November 22nd and got to stay through Thanksgiving.  It was nice to have them here for a little while.  Friday night, I showed them around the city center and we ate dinner at a nice tapas restaurant.  Mary Bruce and Sarah were with us and none of us had really eaten at a tapas restaurant yet so it was nice to experience that! Tapas are appetizers or snacks that you can combine to make a full meal.  You can order as many or as few as you want.  It's really neat because you get to try so many different types of foods! We had shrimp, ham, tomato bread, calamari, fried eggs, and many other yummy things!

On Saturday morning, we had a Gaudi tour scheduled.  Gaudi is one of the most famous architects in Barcelona.  His works include La Sagrada Familia, Palau Guell, Park Guell and Casa Batllo.  Our tour gave us a history of Gaudi and allowed us to see many of these famous places.  His style is so different than many architects so it was neat to hear about each place.
Our group before the tour.
Palau Guell.  Gaudi designed this house for a family in Barcelona.
Casa Batllo.  My favorite Gaudi house!
Sagrada Familia. Absolutely breathtaking.

After the Gaudi tour on Saturday, we got lunch at a pizza place close to Sagrada Familia and then headed back to my host family's house to get ready for the soccer game! Jordi was so kind and took my parents and me to a Barcelona game!! It was absolutely amazing.  We are all huge soccer fans.  It was so cool to be at a stadium watching a game that we had seen on TV so many times! Thank you Jordi!!! We had a blast!!!! :)

On Sunday, we went to Sagrada Familia again to go inside.  I am so happy we decided to do that because it was incredible.  I can't even describe it and pictures don't do it justice.  Mary Bruce and I walked in and just stood in awe for about five minutes.  It is absolutely amazing.
The ceiling right when you walk in.  The stained glass was beautiful.

Mary Bruce and I at the top of one of the towers.  You could see for miles!

After Sagrada Familia we went to Park Guell.  This is a park that has many of Gaudi's famous designs. It is set on the mountain and has beautiful views of the city.  The park is huge so we only had time to go in the main parts but I really enjoyed getting to see it.

We ended the day by eating dinner at a restaurant on Tibidabo.  A mountain near Park Guell.  It had great views of the city as well.  The restaurant we chose had glass windows all on one side so you could look at the view while enjoying your dinner.  

It was a wonderful weekend!! 

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