Friday, November 22, 2013

A Busy Week!

So I have not had the chance to post in a few days! Things are going so great and the days pass by quickly.  It is hard to find the time to post. 

On Sunday, I hung out with my host family all day.  It was still raining so we had a nice morning just relaxing and playing with the kids.  Naroa had a friend spend the night so I played with them a little bit.  They are so funny.  They kept wanting to jump rope and dance.  In the afternoon, my family met up with Ashley´s family for lunch.  But before we met them, my family had a surprise for me.  They took me to see the Sagrada Famila!! I hadn´t had the chance to visit yet so it was exciting to see it.  It is a beautiful church that has been under construction for hundreds of years, designed by Gaudi.  It is amazing.  We didn´t have time to go inside but I got a few good pictures of the outside and I plan on going back.  For lunch, we went to a traditional Spanish restaurant and I tried a lot of traditional dishes.  It was all very good! I love food so I am always up to try anything.  My family ordered a few things and I just ate whatever they put on my plate! It was fun.  After lunch, we went back home and relaxed for the rest of the day.  It was nice to have a day where I didn´t have to do much.  Playing with the kids and hanging out with the family made for a great day!

This week, a few girls and I have been exploring some more after school.  It rained on Monday and Tuesday so of course we went shopping! It is hard to do anything else in the rain because most attractions are outside or require walking.  We didn´t want the rain to ruin any of those things.  Because we didn´t do much on those days I was able to hang out with my family a lot.  Jordi (the little boy) really really wants a puppy.  Jordi (the dad) got him a book about puppies and we have been looking at it all week.  Of course, it´s all in Spanish so I´m glad I have my little translator (Jordi) to explain it to me! He loves talking about dogs and told me he wants 6 puppies to sleep with him! Haha! He´s so sweet.  I also told him that I played soccer when I was in school.  He thought that was really cool because not many girls play soccer here.  It is mostly boys.  Tomorrow we are going to a Barca game and I am so excited! It will be fun to see how soccer is different here. We went to the soccer stadium on Wednesday.  We were hoping to be able to go inside but they had already closed the field by the time we got there.  It was still cool to be able to see the stadium while no one was there.  On Saturday, it will be crazy! 

Last night, we went to the Picasso museum which is in the Gothic area of Barcelona.  We got to see the cathedral and a lot of other beautiful areas.  I loved the Picasso museum as well.  I really like art so it was so interesting to me.  They had a collection of his work in chronological order. It was interesting to see how his style developed over the years.  In the beginning, he did a lot of impressionism and still life.  Later, he moved on to the abstracts he is most famous for.  There was even a period where he only painted with shades of blue.  I really enjoyed getting to see all of this.  I could have spent days in that museum!

Today at school, my girls have been learning "Holly Jolly Christmas" to perform at their Christmas program.  It is so funny to hear the girls sing such a famous American song with their Spanish accents.  They are also making up a dance.  I will be sure to videotape it.

This weekend, we are doing our tour that got rained out and planning to go to Park Guell.  And the soccer game of course!!! I am so excited for the rest of the trip! The days fly by and before I know it, the trip will be over.  I am trying to savor every moment because I am definitely not ready to leave! I am having such a great time and I am so thankful for this opportunity! Adios!

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