Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Day at Santa Isabel

My last day at Santa Isabel was bittersweet. The kids were all so loving and sweet! But I was so sad to leave such amazing new friends. All day the kids were giving me little drawings that said "goodbye Miss Amanda" and "we will miss you!" They were so precious. I miss them so much already. At lunch, the school had a special meal for us. They ordered pizza and had a reception for all the American teachers in the library. They thanked us for all we had done and were so kind. We were all so grateful for such an amazing experience. The school was so welcoming and did so much for us. I cannot thank my teacher, the staff and even the students enough. It was incredible. Leaving school was so sad. The girls hugged me and wouldn't let go! They all told me they want to come to Kentucky!

The next day I got to help my host family decorate for Christmas! It was a lot of fun to see how they do things a little differently than we do. :) I enjoyed just spending the day with them. They are my Barcelona family for sure. We have a bond for a lifetime!

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