Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First Days in Barcelona

Hola!! I'm here! In Barcelona!! It is amazing. I am loving every second! There is so much to say so I will try to put it all in here.

First of all, my host family is amazing!! They are so sweet and welcoming. The kids are precious. They loved the gifts I got them and I have been reading the books with the kids every night. They even had a surprise for me on the first night, tacos! My favorite meal :) I am so happy I got such a great family. They are wonderful.

School is crazy!!! It is Santa Isabel week at school. The school is named for Santa Isabel, a woman who turned bread into flowers. I hope that is right, the little girls in my class tried to explain it to me! It was half English half Spanish so I understood parts! Anyways, this week the students are all on different color teams, yellow, red, green or blue. My class is blue! Azul! So they have special activities for each color team on different days. Monday was yellow day, Tuesday was red day and so on. These are all to celebrate Santa Isabel day which is Friday. So because of this, the kids have been so crazy all week! But I love my classes and my teacher. Miss Laura is so sweet and speaks very good English. I gave them the letters my Kentucky students made and they loved it! They took turns reading them out loud and after each one the girls would go "Oh La La!!" Haha it was so cute. So Miss Laura teaches 3rd grade boys and 3rd grade girls. Their classes are separated so we are always running back and forth between classes. The teachers move rooms instead of the students here. My teacher only speaks English to the children which is great for me because I understand what's going on! Haha! When they walk in the classroom she says, "Good Morning, Welcome to London!" The students are only allowed to speak English. Most of them are very good but sometimes they will ask a friend, "how do you say _____ in English?" It's so sweet because they try so hard to talk to me in English. It makes me feel bad for not being good at Spanish! But school is going great and I am so happy with my classes. It is very different from America but I'll save that for another post :)

After school, a few friends and I have been exploring a little bit. We went shopping today which was great. I am back home now and about to go to bed. I am so happy in Barcelona! I will post more later! :)

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